inquinamento da odori molesti foam

Marghera di Pianezze

The Odor of the polyethylene - foam production


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We are citizens of Marostica and Pianezze two small town of Italy (province of Vicenza) and from May 2004 we are molested from smells emitted from a company that produces Chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam.
The company owner of emissions it has been established with a new plant near the houses and other companies.
The company produces through a chemical process the cross-linked polyethylene foam: the chemically foaming process of the polyethylene give off gases and smokes that they have a stench similar to the burnt plastic, provoking burning in throat and to the eyes, depriving us stay in the open air of summer and forcing living to us always with the close windows.
According to the analyses made from the company and the Regional Agency of Environment, the responsible substances of the uneasiness are the ammonia, the acetophenone, the aldehydes and the ketones.
These harassments give strong worry for their nature: These are emissions of plastics it is doubt their hazardous and dangerousness.
A substance is hazardous if the effects are manifested in the short period, how ever it is dangerous when the effects manifest in along period with the tumor formation (some aldehydes is cancerogenous).
After months of endure, hoping in a resolution of the issue, the problem has been comunicate to ARPAV, ASL, Local Police, Police officers and Common of Pianezze that they have stated and written up numerous reports on the presence of it smells troublesome beyond the normal tollerate.
These documents can be demands from anyone near the Agencies that they have emitted to it (Law 241 / 1991). From the 2004 we strike ourselves because these smell come eliminate to you, smells already you notice in other country even if all fall from clouds and they do not know null. The quality of our life is ruined in order always thanks to intelligence of some persons, and nobody till now has recognized the uneasiness public, someone has had the courage to say that we would have to cohabit with the problem, persons that would have guardian the public health, has the single guilt of being considers "sons of a smaller God", pertaining to a society where the economic interest prevails. After this adventure we have uncovered many phony, persons who have turned the shoulders to us and have accused we to speak to prate.
Now we have lost all: house, life and freedom to breathe in the open air, we have uncovered a society that it has of the prejudgments and intolerance towards who has the courage to speak in order to make to be worth the own rights and to ask justice, and therefore we have lost also the sense of belongings to a native land that does not recognize to us.

The benefit is private but the evil is public!

The name Marghera di Pianezze (recalling the Chemical pole of Venice) is born because in this zone there are many chemical companies, near the center of Marostica, Common that it has received the orange Flag from the Touring Club, brand of tourist quality for the environment, and with the start of investigations for research purposes of the responsibilities of the stench, the regional Agency for environment have been carried out verifications in all the companies, discovering you vary types of inadempienze acclimatizes them.
This web-site is been born to inform all the persons who our protest is based on true elements and founds, on objective reports and documented tests, and it is not fruit of a controversy between environs like the hypocritical usuals have insinuated, or that the problem is "a lot swollen" like someone it has declared.
To the Agencies in charge of the protection of the healt, than they have said to us that we live near of a productive area: we answer that the industries have been established of the house, considered that our houses exist from more than 50 years, and just these Agencies had leave the authorization. They will have been made all the verifications of compatibility urban planning, hygienic-sanitary? Our protest will continue until the problem will not be definitively and permanently resolved.

We will go ahead until will be assessed all the responsibilities: administrative and civils.

We want the air that there was before and we will not accept no light residual one of stench.

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